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Workshops & Keynote Speeches

Create Sales Momentum with our Workshops and Keynote Speeches

  • The StorySeller System: How to stay motivated, beat your competition and grow your business in 30-minutes per day
  • Financial StorySelling: how to close more deals as the #1 financial expert in your market
  • How to Win More Business with a Purpose-Driven Sales Process
  • How to Unlock the Lifetime Value of Your Clients and Stop Losing Deals to Your Competition
  • How to Lead a Purpose-Driven Sales Team in the Post-COVID World

All our workshops are led by our CEO, Gibran Nicholas:

Gibran Nicholas is the founder and CEO of Momentifi, a CRM sales technology company based in Alpharetta, GA. Gibran is also the host of The StorySeller podcast and community, which helps strategic thinkers use the power of story to stay motivated, beat their competition and grow their business in 30 minutes per day. As a professional speaker and business leader, Gibran has trained, coached and certified over 8,000 of the nation’s top producers in the mortgage, housing and financial services industry.


Our Clients Include: