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The App for Busy Loan Officers

Save Time & Do More Loans

The Momentifi App simplifies your daily follow-up tasks with borrowers and referral partners so that you don’t lose deals to your competition. It’s super simple:

Step 1 – Automatically sync all your contacts from your phone and CRM.

Step 2 – Follow-up action items get pushed to the App directly from the CRM every time you get a new sales lead.

Step 3 – Complete or assign action items so that you never miss a sales opportunity.

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the momentifi app

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Save time by eliminating the need to login to multiple systems
  • Send personalized videos, emails and text messages to borrowers and referral partners directly from the App
  • Every communication gets automatically logged for compliance
  • Be more efficient on the go so you can build relationships outside the office and meet more clients
  • Collaborate with your team and stay updated by assigning action items and passing notes
  • Schedule and complete follow-up tasks directly from the app, or auto-assign from the CRM
  • Comes with built-in follow-up templates

Momentifi Membership Includes $3,589 of Bonuses!

Bonuses Include:

  • Momentifi Mortgage CRM with Automated Marketing Campaigns, Newsletters, and Video Emails
    [$840 value]

  • Momentifi Mortgage Marketing Content
    [$450 value]

  • CMPS Certification Course (online)
    [$799 value]

  • Accreditation to Teach Continuing Education (CE) to Real Estate Agents, CPAs, and Financial Planners when you pass the CMPS exam
    [$300 value]

  • MBS Dashboard: Real-Time Market Data, Alerts & Updates
    [$500 value]

  • Loan Comparison Software with Videos
    [$700 value]

Your Total Investment:

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