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CRM Sales System for Enterprises

You need more than a CRM or marketing tool. You need a better Sales System.

  • Mobile-Enable your team to work remotely while maintaining personal privacy. Each user is assigned a local "Business Mobile Number" that’s used for phone calls and SMS text messages from our mobile app and desktop application.
  • Use our dashboards and mobile app to keep your team organized and more efficient on-the-go so they can build relationships outside the office and meet more clients.
  • Gain visibility into your business with relevant and easy-to-use dashboards that are customized for each user role.
  • Engage clients and prospects in a more personalized way. Send video emails and text messages from a real phone number and get a better response than auto-texts from a "short code" or generic emails with no personalization.
  • Get faster responses during sales follow-up or when requesting documents or information. Text messages have five times more engagement vs. emails when used by sales or operations staff.
  • Ensure immediate compliance. We are SOC 2 certified, and we keep records of all your emails and SMS messages to ensure compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and other data retention and monitoring regulations.
  • Convert more sales leads. Use our API and automated marketing campaigns to send personalized videos, emails and text messages so you never lose a deal due to lack of follow-up.
  • Generate more business from your database. Stay in front of clients and referral partners with personalized video emails, text messages and market updates.
  • Beat your competition and expand your reach. Co-brand your marketing with strategic partners.
  • Includes access to The StorySeller community with a private social network for your company, top producer best practices, a 30-day jumpstart and weekly sales workouts that your team can complete in 30 minutes per day.

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We wanted to differentiate ourselves from our competition and stay in front of clients and referral sources with personal branding from our loan officers. Momentifi helps us to do this so we can benefit from the lifetime value of our customers vs. a one-time transaction."

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