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Our Story

We have a 15-year track record of helping teams and businesses grow!

Part 1: How We Started with Sales Training

In 2005, we noticed that loan officers can get stagnant without the right financial knowledge, sales skills and daily habits. So, we launched the industry’s first and most prestigious mortgage planning designation called, Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS). Our CMPS course helps loan officers differentiate themselves and articulate their value to borrowers and referral sources. CMPS-certified loan officers are also accredited to teach continuing education to financial planners, CPAs and real estate agents. Over 8,000 of the nation’s top loan officers have graduated from our sales training courses, and many have gone on to become top producers.

Part 2: Why We Launched the Momentifi Mortgage and Enterprise CRM

In 2015, we noticed that banks and mortgage companies need to stay legally compliant and improve their customer experience. So, we launched a technology platform to help our clients improve their efficiency. Our Momentifi Mortgage CRM technology platform drives sales through marketing automation and enterprise-level reporting. We help your team stay in front of their clients with personal phone calls, videos, emails, text messages, and market updates.

Part 3: Why We Launched the Momentifi Productivity Apps and Mobile CRM for Individuals and Teams

In 2019, we noticed that companies and sales teams need to improve the ROI on their marketing and technology investments. So, we launched a mobile sales productivity app that helps your team be more efficient on the go so they can build relationships outside the office and meet more clients and referral partners. Our video emails and SMS app helps your team get faster responses during sales follow-up and convert more leads because text messages get five times more engagement vs. emails.

What’s Next?

In 2020, we launched The StorySeller podcast and community. We believe that you were born to win at life and business, even in the post-COVID world. The key is to find more meaning in your work and create unique value amidst all the change that your clients are experiencing. Our focus is to help you do that. We help you utilize modern technology to sell your story more effectively to current clients and new clients. The result is that you’ll stay motivated, beat your competition and grow your business in 30-minutes per day. You’re not alone in this journey, and we are committed to your success. Are you ready to grow your business? Schedule a demo or discussion today!