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We initially had 5 or 6 CRMs and no way to track marketing ROI. We wanted to gain better visibility into our marketing process so we can see which campaigns are working. Momentifi’s marketing automation helps us drive sales and close more loans."

Vince Ingui
— Jim Anderson, CMO
Certainty Home Loans

Momentifi helps our loan officers and branch managers provide more value to our clients and referral partners with their tools, technology and training. This helps us give our referral partners and buyers the information to make the best financial decision when purchasing or refinancing their home."

Vince Ingui
— Vince Ingui, SVP Retail Sales
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Five Ways We Help Mortgage Companies Grow

1. Motivate your team.

Loan officers can get stagnant without the right sales skills and daily habits. We help your loan officers articulate their value to borrowers and referral sources, differentiating you from the competition.

2. Increase your volume.

We help you improve your customer experience and close more loans. Our CRM and Productivity App helps your loan officers stay in front of clients multiple times a year with phone calls, emails and personal touches.

3. Attract more loan officers.

We help you improve your value proposition, retain loan officers, and make it less likely that top performers will leave.

4. Gain efficiency & improve marketing ROI.

CRMs often have low user adoption or there are 5 or 6 systems you need to manage. We help you become more efficient with enterprise-level reporting so you can vet campaigns and see which tactics are working.

5. Improve user adoption with mobile technology.

Even if you aren’t looking for a new CRM, we integrate our Productivity App with your current systems. This helps your loan officers be more efficient on the go so they can build relationships outside the office and meet more clients.

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