Momentifi Launches Text Messaging App

Text messaging app

It's estimated that text messages get five times more engagement vs. emails. The new Momentifi Text Messaging App gives banks, mortgage companies, and financial institutions a legally compliant way to improve their communication results with clients and prospects. Here are seven key benefits:
  • Enable your team to work remotely. Each user is assigned a specific “Business Mobile Number” that is used for phone calls and SMS text messages via the Momentifi Messaging App on the user’s mobile device, or via the laptop/desktop version of the App.
  • Engage clients and prospects in a more personalized way. Text messages from a real phone number have a better response than auto-texts from a “short-code” or generic emails with no personalization.
  • Get faster responses during sales follow-up or when requesting documents or information. Text messages have five times more engagement vs. emails when used by sales or operations staff.
  • Enable your employees to maintain personal privacy. We give each user a real 10-digit phone number with local area code so they can avoid using their personal cell phone number for business calls and text messages.
  • Mobile enable your team. We help your representatives, agents and loan officers to be more efficient on the go so they can build relationships outside the office and meet more clients.
  • Ensure immediate compliance. Storing SMS text messages with clients or prospects on a personal cell phone may violate GDPR, CCPA, and other data retention and monitoring requirements outlined in various US federal regulations. Our solution solves this problem.
  • Roll out our cost-effective solution quickly. We are SOC 2 certified and have met the strict vendor management requirements of the banking and financial services industry.