How to Get 15x ROI on Your CRM Investment

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According to CSO Insights, less than half of loan officers are using their CRM to effectively increase sales. The challenge is often that new technology can be daunting and overwhelming, leading to low user adoption rates. If loan officers aren't using their CRM to improve sales productivity, it becomes difficult if not impossible, to generate significant ROI. Our primary focus at Momentifi is to help you overcome that challenge and get better results from your technology investments. This is key to leading your team into the future of mortgage banking. 

Click here to download our new guide called: How to Get 15x ROI on Your CRM Investment. In this guide, we explore a recent case study where one of our mid-size mortgage banking clients with 150 loan officers was able to generate $79,409,951 in extra loan volume during their first year of implementing our Momentifi CRM. Enjoy!