#3: The Salesman and the Philosopher

3 thesalesman

- How to tap into the part of your work that gives you the most meaning and joy

- How to use story archetypes to elevate and modernize your personal brand

- How to connect more authentically with clients in the post-COVID world


Welcome to The StorySeller podcast!  Meet interesting heroes and villains in each episode. Walk away with practical tips and strategies to win at life and business.

Topics include: 
- How to stay motivated and find more meaning in your work.
- What you can do right now to articulate your value, elevate your personal brand, and beat your competition
- How to save time, avoid costly mistakes, and grow your business.

Workbooks, resources, and weekly "sales workouts" located in The StorySeller community.

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Momentifi is a CRM Sales Technology company based in Alpharetta, GA. Its clients are primarily banks and mortgage companies, although it has recently expanded its offerings to serve small and medium business (SMBs). Momentifi was founded in 2005 as a sales training company, and it has grown over the years to meet the changing needs of its clients. Momentifi's mission is to help you utilize modern technology to sell your story more effectively to current clients and new clients. The result is that you’ll stay motivated, beat your competition and grow your business. For more info, visit: Momentifi.com.

About Gibran Nicholas:
Gibran Nicholas is the founder and CEO of Momentifi, a CRM sales technology company based in Alpharetta, GA. Gibran is also the host of The StorySeller podcast and community, which helps strategic thinkers use the power of story to stay motivated, beat their competition and grow their business in the midst of a rapidly changing world. As a professional speaker and business leader, Gibran has trained, coached and certified over 8,000 of the nation’s top producers in the mortgage, housing and financial services industry. For more info, visit: TheStorySeller.com.